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Top Productivity apps I use everyday

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So many tasks… So little time. Sounds familiar? All of us face this problem.

You need to use your time efficiently to complete your tasks, pencil new ideas, do research and streamline some complicated process. Well… is there an app for that? Yes… too many, in fact. All of them say they can help you do the most with the least. However, after extensive research, I have found these productivity apps to live up to their promise.

Here are my favorites:


I love Skitch. It helps me annotate my ideas, wire-frames,  bug reporting with text, arrows, shapes and share with team.

Bamboo Paper

Bamboo Paper is a great app to pencil your thoughts, ideas quickly. Taking notes, sketching and drawing is as simple as using a real pencil and paper.


Scannable! Another awesome app by Evernote. Get rid of carrying business cards in your wallet. Just click any business card, the App will then extract all the card details and save in to the phonebook.

Office Lens

Just take a picture of your documents or white-boards and enhance it by cropping, sharpening and then use into your projects or presentations, share it with clients, team. Office Lens works well with multiple documents.

Facebook Adverts

As s digital marketer you need apps to control your campaigns on the go. Facebook Adverts helps me monitor our ads’ performance efficiently.


Never miss a conversation. Never miss a mention. Mention notifies me of any mention of me or my business in real-time across web, whether it is a tweet, Facebook or Instagram tagging, etc. Just submit the keywords you wish to get notified.

Google Apps

Google Apps are, no doubt, very essential if you work in a team. It makes it very easy to collaborate with your colleagues in real-time. We use Google Docs to write and edit articles to be put on the web. Google Sheets to maintain a real-time client list, Google Forms to create awesome surveys or RSVPs for a event.

Google Analytics

I have about 7-8 websites to track. Google Analytics helps me to do it very efficiently. With the Google Analytics iPhone app you can see the performance of your SEO, content marketing activities in real time and on the go.


Slack helps me with real-time messaging, sharing files with my team and getting quick updates, discussions on a task.

Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault keeps all my passwords (Personal as well as Business Accounts) secure and handy. I can now devote my time to more creative stuff, rather than clogging my memory with passwords.


Dropbox! My remote hard drive! It really helps me keep all my working files synced.


If This Then That!

What a concept! I use some of their recipes to get my work done.

My camera photos are automatically stored in my Dropbox. Phonebook is backed up to a Google Spreadsheet. It saves my favorite tweets to Pocket. Then this pocket links get scheduled to my Buffer list. It wishes my Facebook friend a Happy Birthday on his/her wall. Any starred email gets added to my reminder list. Magic! 🙂


Hours is a free time-tracking app. It helps me track my time dedicated to the tasks and gives time-sheet reports for invoicing. is a ‘to-do’ app. It just keeps my to-dos and reminders on the top across all my devices.

That’s my favorite productivity apps list. Would love to know a few of yours. Please share it in the comments below. In the next article I will be covering some of my favorite Web Apps. Stay tuned!

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  1. Aarti December 24, 2015

    Very helpful collection.

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