Vinay Teli

Graphics & Web Designer, Digital Marketer from Mumbai. Love Sketching, Music and Travelling!


I have been fortunate enough to have worked on quite a few projects.


I have been working with PPFAS Mutual Fund since last many years(!). It is India’s youngest Mutual Fund which believes in ‘Value Investing’. I am lucky to have had an opportunity to design this website and all the graphics, web related projects including SEO & Social Media appearance. And yes, I must mention Bootstrap here, which helped me design the website in no time.


I remotely work with Brightpod. I spend lot of my spare time designing graphics and web elements for Brightpod. It is a projects collaboration app for digital marketers.


Before getting into Mutual Fund space PPFAS was involved into Portfolio Management, Financial Planning and Stock Broking. This was my very first project as a web designer 6-7 years back. Remember the table-based layouts? 🙂

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